Mallorca is famous for its handmade glass. Often the glass is colorful and very pretty. If you want to see how the blowing of the glass is done you can visit Lafiore or Gordiola. They have pieces for sale as well. Both of them are situated outside of Palma. On Mallorca there is a large market for leather goods such as bags, shoes and clothes. Many famous brands are from Mallorca. If you want to get a good price a tip is to buy belts and jackets. The village of Inca is the place to visit if you want to buy leather goods. It is recommended to visit the village on Thursdays because that’s when the fair takes place. The fair in Inca is the most famous and largest one on all of Mallorca. There is also a large manufacture of artificial pearls, Majorcan pearls. They are very affordable. They can be bought in Manacor where you can also visit the factory. Broderies are a very common souvenir for many tourists to buy during their Mallorcan visit. You can buy these in Artá, Manacor and Polenca.

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