In the year 4000 BC the first occupants came to Mallorca. In the year 122 BC the roman Quinto Cecilio Metelo took over Mallorca and from then on it belonged to the Roman Empire. That was when the island converted to Christianity instead. Until the 500´s the people where Christians and then the religion was replaced with the Byzantine. Then the island was conquered by a Byzantine general and in 902 Mallorca became a part of the Muslim world. Jaimee II succeeded Jaime I and Mallorca became free in the 1200´s. A couple of years later the island was besieged by Catalonian troops. In the middle of the 1300´s the dreaded Black Death came to the island and approximately 15 000 people died. During the years 1324-1344 Palma was one of the richest cities in the Mediterranean Sea. The prevailing king Jamie III died at the battle of Llucmajor and the hope of salvaging his lands failed and Mallorca belonged to the country Aragón. In the year 1715 Mallorca was handed over to Felipe V and it belonged to him till 1936 when the island was taken over by General Franco. During the 1800´s a war of independence was fought against Napoleons troops. 1879 to 1898 was a period of wealth for the island because of the large trade they had with both wine and almonds. 1938 is the year that the first free election is held on the island.

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