The Cathedral - Le Seo


The cathedral is situated in Palma and it is one of the largest sanctuaries built in gothic style. The building started in the end of the 1200´s, but it wasn’t completed until the 1600´s and it is the most visited attraction on Mallorca today. During the 1800´s it was renovated because there had been a some large earthquakes. The author George Sand has described the building as “an impressive mass which rises up from the sea”. Jamie II begun the building project but quite soon the villagers wanted to join in and help out. The bishop and the king gathered people from all orders priests, nobility, burgesses and farmers and everyone helped out with what they could. In the year of 1601 the cathedral was completed.
The rose window is built on the east side of the cathedral and it contains 1236 colored glazing and it has an area of almost 100m². There is also a treasury in the cathedral where you can see many treasures. The cathedral is beautifully lit when it’s dark and it lies very close to the coast. The cathedral also holds a museum which contains some of the earliest altar-pieces and a baroque candelabra in human size.

The admission is 3,50 EUR. The La Seu cathedral is open:
10.00 am -6 pm Monday - Friday (April -October)
10.00 am -3 pm Monday -Friday (November-March)
10.00- 2 pm Saturday (all year round)

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