Lluc Monastery

The monastery Lluc lies in a valley 35 kilometers northeast of Sóller, on the northwestern part of the island. The monastery was founded in the 1200´s. It is built in a secluded place in the mountains and it is visited by many Christian pilgrims who come to see the La Moreneta, the dark Madonna. History says that the monastery is built on the spot where the black Madonna was found by a young boy who was herding sheep. History says that the boy found the Madonna out in the woods and brought her to the church where she received an honorary place at the alter. The day after the Madonna disappeared but she was found once again by the boy. Yet again she disappeared and was found in the same place in the woods. The priest then realized that it was a holy place the Madonna had showed them and therefore the monastery was built on that exact place.

The Monastery has a boy’s choir which is quite famous and they are called the Blavets. That means the blue collars. This choir and the boarding school which also is located there has been there for more than 500 years. The choir is the second oldest choir in the whole world and you can see their concerts which they give two times every day. The monastery has a beautiful inner courtyard and the church is nicely embellished. There is also a museum in the monastery where they have an exhibit of archeological, artsy and sacred objects. There is also the possibility to stay the night in the monastery either in a cell or in a double room for those who want a restful place for their soul. The monks serve their guests mallorcan food. From here you can also follow several hiking trails.

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