Deia2_300D_1.jpgThis is a small village, located up in the mountain which is a place where you might bump into a celebrity! Many artists and actors live here. The road up to the mountains is narrow and steep precipices are everywhere, but the scenery is extraordinary. In the village you can also find a lovely church. Famous people like Anais Nin, Ava Gardner, Kinsley Amis and Anthony Burgess has stayed here for longer or shorter periods. The name, Deia, comes from the Arabic word ad daia which means “village”. Fruits and vegetables like olives and citrus fruits are grown and harvested here. The villagers doesn’t want many tourists coming to their village and therefore tourist busses are not allowed to park there and it is very hard to get a building permit and because of this Deia is still pretty much untouched. There is also a great museum of archeology and in July and August a music festival is arranged, Festival de Deia.

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